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Sentini Marine realised there was a large difference in the standard of documentation supplied commercially to that delivered with a new build yacht.


We found that time after time yachts were delivered with poor 'as-built' drawings and very few had any form of technical operations manual. Having experienced both the commercial and yacht industries, we noticed that, unusually, yachting is way behind in standards and quality. We formed a partnership with WMT to bridge that gap.

Designed and structured to exactly what fulfils the needs of your vessel.

Encourage crew to engage with the manuals and learn their contents.

Concise, usable and testable information increases safety on board. 

Collating and passing on vessel information in a swift and efficient manner.

Carried out by a specialist with technical marine engineering background.


Gantt chart to show documentation times and processes 

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View these sample pages to appreciate the quality of technical information, diagrams and operational instructions provided.


The benefits of reliable, vessel specific information, available in the format that best suits your needs, are endless.


Sentini Marine Documentation Services create a single Technical Operations Manual, documenting both technical and safety knowledge of the systems and operations on-board your vessel. The contents list can cover; all systems and equipment on-board, safety information and protocols, SOLAS, bridge and deck operations and information. Collating all the build and manufacturers information, and the current crew member’s operational experience into one place, making it a tool for the vessel’s lifetime.

Operating Instructions

It will contain clear and concise operational instructions providing greater consistency with illustrations of equipment and operational instructions. It will include; an introduction describing the system and its equipment, a detail of how it operates, moving on to instructions and basic maintenance, any cautions and warnings that may cause injury or failure/damage to equipment.  

Systems Drawings

All engineering system drawings will be redrafted, correcting any errors that have been found post-delivery. The redraft will be in a colour format, laid out with all equipment in its geographical location on board, making it easier for new crew to follow and easier to read in an emergency. All unnecessary information from the original drawings will be removed, further clearing up the drawing and making it easier to follow. The drawings will also be supplied in digital format allowing them to be edited and commented on, making them a tool for planning for dry docks and fault finding. The content will be verified as correct with a vessel survey before the final version is issued.


As mentioned, the manuals are issued as digital and print, there can be additional “pocket-books” for the Engineers and Deck Officers, giving crew access to the information within the manuals directly in their hand, ensuring this information is always available, further increasing safety and reducing the risk of damage to the Owner’s asset.


The likes of Maersk, P & O, and BP Shipping, all run this type of documentation system on board. It is utilised on over a thousand vessels and many of the commercial engineers coming over into the yachting industry are familiar with it, recognising the shortfall in this level of quality documentation provided on yachts.

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Increasing the quality of information, training, and vessel familiarity will in turn increase safety on board.

Concise Drawings and Operational Procedures.

Good information is imperative when dealing with an emergency situation or a machinery breakdown. Sentini Marine Documentation Services ensures that crew have accurate drawings and operational procedures at their finger-tips, when they need it most. 

New Crew Vessel Familiarity

In an industry that sees new crew joining mid-season or at the start of shipyard periods, clear and concise documentation allows new crew members to rapidly familiarise themselves with the vessel.

Crew Testing

The bespoke Computer Based Training Software gives the captain assurance that the crew's knowledge of the vessel's systems, operations and protocols is up to standard. 

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Good quality documentation is an investment into the future of the vessel.

Passing on Build Engineer Knowledge

This is an opportunity for build experience and knowledge to be documented and reproduced in a format enabling it to remain with the vessel and be passed on to new crew members in a swift and efficient manner.

Shipyard Preparations

Change orders and warranty issues can easily be passed on to the shipyard in preparation for a yard period. Changes to the vessel in refit can be easily updated in the documentation, keeping it up to date.

Increased Safety and Reduced Human Error

Damage to a vessel through human error, can often be avoided by increasing experience and knowledge. Good quality documentation can significantly reduce costly mistakes on board.

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The offer of good information is expanded with Sentini Marine’s team of technical experts, providing accurate technical information and documentation in any language required by your vessel's crew or management.


Our experts understand that technical translation requires an in depth knowledge of technical terminology specific to the Marine industry. Sentini Marine only uses professionally qualified, full time translators who have extensive industry or engineering backgrounds to ensure the translation meets the exact requirements and correct technical  terminology in preferred language.

Sentini Marine translates all technical documentation from and into any language and has a large amount of experience particularly in Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Dutch technical translations.



It is very difficult to know that crew members are going to perform well in emergency situations, or that safety protocols are known and adhered to. 

Sentini Marine has developed an app that uses the specific information from your  Technical Operations Manual, SOLAS and the ISM manuals, and creates a tool for familiarising and testing crew with safety and technical information, with an unlimited number of questions that can be added. The questions are specific to the crew member’s position on-board, and are intended to cause the crew to study the safety and technical manuals, gaining and retaining information they were lacking.

The question, “What is the LP shut down pressure for the Chiller?” would cause the third engineer to go to that section of the manual and read through it to gain the answer.  Knowing such a figure might just save a piece of equipment from breakdown in the situation that the LP trip had failed.


From an operational perspective, the questions can be more specific: anchoring, launching boats, or splitting the main switchboard. The familiarity with all these operations will be increased so that when the crew are called to participate in such operations, they are better equipped and have a greater understanding of the operations and the risks associated with them.


Items that have been brought up as ‘near misses’ in safety meetings can be added in for all crew, “What is the procedure for working with deck plates/hatches removed?” This would regularly bring old issues back into the minds of the crew helping to prevent repeat incidents. A more serious incident on another yacht when a crew member died, may raise questions,  “What action do you take if you see the anchor chain running out of control?” If the SOLAS manual has been included in the scope of supply, there will also be questions based on its information and instructions. 


Asking all the crew to log in Fathom on a regular basis and completing a series of rank-specific safety and operational questions, will further increase the level of knowledge for the crew, enhancing the vessels safety record and protecting the expensive equipment installed on-board. Every time a crew member logs in, a report is generated so that the crew member’s familiarity with the vessel can be seen by the senior crew, giving further peace of mind that the crew actually know the finer points of the vessel safety systems and operational characteristics.

There will also be an option for some questions for the guests regarding fire and abandon ship scenarios.

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Example Illustrations


Please click on the PDF to see sample sections of documentation produced by Sentini Marine.

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