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Are you confident that crew are adequately familiar with all safety-critical aspects onboard your specific vessel?

What system are you using to familiarise new crew with the vessel, and what do you have in place to test that the system is working?


Fathom Familiarisation System app is a tool to test crew on their knowledge of the vessel-specific safety equipment and it's location on the vessel, procedures and operations, and the contents of the ISM and SOLAS manual.


Main features include:

  • Multiple choice questions based on vessel's existing ISM and SOLAS manuals and Fire Safety Plan.

  • Physical familiarisation using NFC program tags attached to vessel equipment.

  • Additional questions can be added at any time to reflect incidents onboard, new policies or equipment.

  • Photographs of vessels specific equipment can be used to test familiarisation.


If you would like to discuss testing your crews knowledge with Fathom, enter your details and we will get in touch.

Thank you. We will be in touch.


Continuous crew familiarisation and competency testing, little and often, with reports generated each month.

In an emergency, all crew will know the locations and operations of safety equipment.

Ensure crew know the contents of their safety manuals, for the safety of themselves and their fellow crew members, not just for flag state visits.



"This is astonishing. The results speak for themselves and focus the company on where they need to apply their attention. It's excellent."

DPA reaction when viewing vessel's 'Worst Performing Questions' on monthly report.

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